Dear Colleagues,

The Center for Vascular Malformations Eberswalde (ZVM) and the Laserklinik at Elisabeth Hospital Berlin are pleased to invite you to an international multidisciplinary conference on the treatment of vascular malformations in children and adults. This two day meeting is sponsored by the German Network on Vascular Anomalies.

There is rising interest amongst the international medical community in the diagnosis and treatment of vascular anomalies. The ever growing numbers of scientific publications and presentations is a clear marker of such interest. Another trend is the understanding that these complex disease processes are best managed by a multidisciplinary team, ideally, in the setting of specialised centers dedicated to these patients.

Our conference will focus on the treatment of various vascular lesions. We will combine short keynote lectures with controversial discussions (two speakers present pro- and con positions with open audience debate), films and case reports; a format allowing vivid thought-provoking debate.

We welcome you to Berlin and hope that you will become a part of our program!

Lutz Meyer (Eberswalde), Milton Waner (New York), Jörg Seemann (Eberswalde), Dieter Hüseman (Eberswalde), Carsten M. Philipp (Berlin)